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Darius Z, 280YZ

Darius Khashabi's menacing black Datsun is a 1972 240Z with a 280YZ fender kit, Subtle Z hood and hood vents, modified 280YZ airdam with chin splitter. All panels are attached with Dzus quarter-turn fasteners for quick removal, replacement, and tuning.

Engine is a 1996 LT1 with Procharger FR1 forced induction making 630 hp off-nitrous, 787 hp with nitrous. 

T56 transmission; 300ZX Twin Turbo rear end; ; wheels are HRE 545 customized by Wheel Enhancement ( 17x11.5 on front and 17x12 on rear; Hoosier R6 drag radials, front 295/35R17, rear 315/35R17. 

The car has a full cage. 

171 mph personal best on nitrous. Curb weight is 2400 pounds.

More details at

This video is from the Shift S3ctor half mile event in Coalinga, California in 2015.

From the same event, with a little more detailed video of the car at the beginning.

Dyno run:

When he's not thrashing his Z, Darius plays around with motorcycles. You can see some of his antics at

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