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Geoff Hanson 240z

UK-based racer Datsun Geoff Hanson recently got some nice ink in the March 2017 edition of Banzai Magazine , a monthly for fans and tuners of Japanese cars in the United Kingdom.

Geoff's Datsun features 280YZ panels from, and is configured for racing in the GT2 class. The orange-and-blue livery is an homage to US West Coast racer Casey Mollett.

Geoff Hanson, "Raced for the first time at Silverstone  - car was quite the celebrity - not many Z’s here in the UK racing. Got a few tweaks to get it near the sharp end but qualified mid grid so didn’t embarrass myself. Paint job is my ‘take’ on Casey Mollett - who raced them on the West Coast in the 80’s?"

Geoff Hanson 280yz s30 1Geoff Hanson 280yz s30 2Geoff Hanson 280yz s30 3S30 280yz 240z 1S30 280yz 240z 2S30 280yz 240z 3S30 280yz 240z 4S30 280yz 240z 5

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