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Tony Martin 940Z

The USMC's own Tony Martin in Antioch, California is building a 6.7-liter, twin-turbo monster Z. He's shooting for over 1000 horses at the rear tires...and chose the ZTrix "940Z " fender package to cover his big meats.

Tony says, "I couldn't ask for a better width fitment! I initially chose a horrible medium for shortening my rear... I can't get a rim to fill the popular rears and look good. This 940Z kit looks like it was made for me! John Washington makes an awesome product. Ztrix for the win."


Many ZTrix components will work with this fender kit, including hoods, hood vents, fender vents, cowl panels, fiberglass doors, hatches, and taillight panels. And you can add any of our dashboards. All of these smaller parts can ship in the same crate as the fender kit, for no extra shipping cost

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