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SOLD 1975 280z wide-body


1975 Datsun 280Z project car partially-installed "280YZ" wide-body kit. Chassis VIN is HLS30-313596. Price for everything is less than 1/3 of the cost of the parts and the donor!

Datsun engine and transmission have been removed to make way for a small-block, LT, or LS engine installation. Guidance is available on engine selection and hardware that may be required.

I am the manufacturer of the body kit. I am assisting the owner of this partially-completed car with its sale. I have a clean, clear title to the car, ready to transfer to a new owner.

From what I have seen without actually crawling all the way under the car, it appears to be a solid, rust-free car. My customer installed welded subframe connector/stiffeners to take the torque of a Chevy LT1 V8 engine. I believe the engine is from a late-model Camaro or Firebird. He purchased it from a local salvage yard, along with the transmission (which I believe is a T5), and the associated accessories and wiring harness.

A shop in Riverside, CA called Outlaw Motorsports partially completed the Chevy-to-Datsun wiring harness splice.

My customer blanked the quarter windows on the car, and fully installed the 280YZ rear quarters. As you probably know, that's the biggest part of the installation of a Z fender kit. The rear quarters of the car are primed and ready for paint.

There's a Motorsport BRE-style spoiler installed on the rear hatch.

All the 280YZ panels (including front fenders and airdam) for the front of the car are included, but have not been installed. You can see examples of this body kit on completed cars by searching the web for "280YZ."

There's also a stock-appearing fiberglass hood that Ron purchased from me.

The car had the stock interior removed in preparation for eventual installation of a completely custom interior. Tail lights were removed, again to prepare for some sort of custom lights Ron was designing.

It is not driveable. You will need to trailer it or tow it from where it is now. Delivery is available at extra cost to the Los Angeles area, the San Diego area, or the Phoenix area.

Please also see my 280YZ page to see the front end components and more photos of customer cars.

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