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SOLD Daytona ZX Spyder Project Car

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VIN for the donor (and on title) is JN1CZ04S5BX606017. Title in-hand, notarized open for buyer's name.

Built many years ago (before I owned the molds for the Daytona ZX body) on a 1981 280ZX Arizona donor car. Most of the hard-to-find trim parts and lighting are included.

The body still looks pretty good, though the interior is rough. However, interior parts--including Recaro seats--are good enough to use for reference for re-do.

There is no engine or transmission, though most of the original harness and plumbing appears to be intact. Original driveshaft is included.

There is no convertible top (which is mainly why the interior is rough), though there appear to be mounting provisions for one.

Engine bay and floor pans have been braced. Pans are relatively rust-free, though a little jack-monkey damage is evident on the frame rails.

Wheels are HRE two-piece aluminum, in the 5-point star style of the original car.

Price is $xxxx, which is only a little more than the body itself. I'd prefer to sell locally for easy pickup, but shipping can be arranged at buyer's expense.

This would be a great car to finish and drive, and/or to use as a reference car if the buyer is interested in also purchasing my body molds as part of a package.

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