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extremely well made

Just finished painting the hood & im going to install it this week. The parts are extremely well made. I appreciate your attention to detail.

Joseph Bardeleben II

worth the wait!

Shipment arrived today and worth the wait! Very nice piece and dimensionally spot on. I have a Porsche track car that’s all fiberglass so lots of experience and almost all is crap. I also make a lot of my own fiberglass parts so know good stuff from bad. I told my buddy this is the nicest fiberglass part I’ve ever received. Couldn’t be more pleased. I’m several months away but will be following with an order for some race doors in the future.

Nice work and thanks, Martin

very nice stuff

The bodywork you sent is very nice stuff! It would be done and on the track for the Seattle Majors Memorial Day weekend

went out of his way to help

John more than went out of his way to help me with some extra attention that I wanted to give to my front fenders. He was in town on two different occasions, picked up, performed the work and later delivered these back to me. He has great products and even better customer service, great guy.
I had him blend the headlight buckets and create a backing, or pocket for some bmw turn signals, so they don't just look like they are plopped on there. Wanted it to look as if it came from the factory that way.

Chris Nelson in San Diego

quality is very good

John's quality is very good and he is a professional when it comes to customer service.

Dan Juday

understand why you get such glowing testimonials

Heya John, Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, I now understand why you get such glowing Testimonials. I'm all fired up again, I need to reinstall the Velo Rossa background screen on my computer.

Dan W. of Lake Placid, FL

Seriously impressed

John, Parts received and they are AMAZING!!!!! Seriously impressed. I'll be sure to pass your site around, seems to be an under-known parts source for being as high quality as it is! Thanks again, your customer service, contact and speedy email responses were excellent and greatly appreciated! Have an excellent holiday!


stance of my 240z

The stance of my 240z would not be as beautiful with out your body kit.

Nestor Carlos in Hayward CA

All your work is beautiful

All your work is beautiful.

Les Leach, Magalia, CA

It means a great deal to me

John, I received the flange today, please accept my thanks to you for taking the time out of your schedule to accommodate my project.  It means a great deal to me that you took the time and effort to help me, and it's important to me that you know your efforts to help me are both recognized and appreciated.  You have been and are both professional and considerate as well as a pleasure to work and associate with.

From Kenneth P., Walnut Creek, CA

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