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Fiberglass Door Panel-Card

Each replacement Z inner door panel made of durable, waterproof fiberglass; much stronger and more robust that pressboard (aka “Masonite”); gray sandable gelcoat finish can be painted and attached with trim screws instead of clips; or can be covered with vinyl or leather and attached with factory-style plastic stakes.

These panels do NOT include the felt "weather whisker strip," which you can reuse or buy from auto upholstery supply. Bonding the strip onto the fiberglass is probably easier and more secure than trying to reuse the factory staples.

There are NO HOLES drilled or cut into the panel as we supply it to you, so you can put the holes exactly where you need them for your application.

Price is for one Door Panel.


* Each Side (referenced to left-hand drive models. LHD):

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Made in the USA for reduced ordering time and less expensive shipping.
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