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"Origin" Dash

The "Origin" dash is a unique design for the first-generation ("S-30") Datsun Z car. One-piece fiberglass construction is much more resistant to UV and heat than crack-prone factory plastic or after-market dash repair "caps."

Datsun z s30 custom origin dash 1Datsun z s30 custom origin dash 2Datsun z s30 custom origin dash 3Datsun z s30 custom origin dash 4Datsun z s30 custom origin dash 5Origin dash 2Origin dashorigin dashs30 s240z origin fiberglass dashGauge mounting area is blank, with a broad, flat surface for a wide variety of gauges, switches, and layouts. It can be cut out to accommodate a removable gauge panel, which allows for easy-access wiring and maintenance.

This dash can be spray painted for a wide variety of finishes, including "dash texture paint." Or it can be padded and covered with cloth, leather, or low-glare black dash mat material.

The Origin dash can be used by itself, or with our fiberglass 280Z console which can be trimmed to match as shown above.


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