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Simpson Dash

This is the Jim Simpson-designed dash as installed in Casey Seippel's Velo Rossa.

The Simpson dash is much more true to the shape of the original GTO dash. It completely replaces the old dash, and you have to fabricate brackets to hang it off the firewall.

Like the Alpha dash, I supply the Simpson dash in black gelcoat. Casey painted his dash with a dash texture spray paint (not wrinkle finish, as that tends to grab lint when you wipe it with a cloth). The price includes a separate, removable fiberglass panel for the gauges. As you can see, Casey fabricated his own removable wood panel instead.

For his dash, Casey fabricated the small extension underneath to house the sound system. The original GTO did not have a center console or lower panel, and neither does the Simpson dash.

While it is not shown in this photo, most customers re-use the Datsun heater control panel. It hangs below the dash in its stock location, and can be enclosed in a 'box' for better appearance. Also, while there are no recess for them as the dash comes out of the mold, the 'eyeball' vents can installed on either side just as in the stock dash.



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