The "IMSA" body kit was developed to cover the extra tire width allowed by the International Motor Sports Association rules that saw big increases in engine output in the late 1970s. If you are running a high-output L-series Datsun engine (like Stuart Jamison's Rebello powerplant), a V8 swap, or an RB engine transplant, you can cover your rubber with the IMSA widebody kit. This is the widest kit we currently produce, commonly using 13"-wide front wheels and 15" on the rear (345 tires)

Installation: fenders and airdam bolt on like factory fenders, with quarter panels bonding on after trimming out the old quarters. Or the whole kit can be attached with Dzus quarter-turn fasteners for quick access to brake pads, suspension adjustments, and other trackside service points.

IMSA Complete Wide Body Kit

Each Side (referenced to left-hand drive models. LHD):


5-piece IMSA wide fender kit for the 1970-1978 240z 260z 280z cars. Kit includes: front fenders, rear quarters, and nose/airdam.
(Optional fuel door recess)
Photo shows optional Competition hood scoop.  See all Hood options here.

NEW KIT, recently developed from vintage tooling which was rebuilt and/or replaced.
Read more: IMSA Complete Wide Body Kit

Many ZTrix components will work with this fender kit, including hoods, hood vents, fender vents, cowl panels, fiberglass doors, hatches, and taillight panels. And you can add any of our dashboards. All of these smaller parts can ship in the same crate as the fender kit, for no extra shipping cost

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