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Will Horton IMSA YZ


He's also swapped in a very clean GM LS1. The engine is stock but is married to the coveted Tremec T56 in it. Future plans to cam head and intake upgrade with a new tune and larger injectors. 

The entire car has been rewired and refined using the original connectors mated to a universal wiring harness. Headlights are being custom made by Gauges are Cobalt-style from Auto Meter

It has a full Prothane bushing kit, and Will and plans to upgrade to coil-overs and vented disc brakes all-around. He's planning for 17x11 wheels with 315/35R17 tires. 

Will has been an automotive technician  for 13 years. He says, "I know the z inside and out. This swap has been an absolute pleasure to tackle...I am more than willing to help and answer any questions people might have about swaps or about my car. I have a lot of knowledge in about the Z cars. They are my passion." 


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