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IMSA Quarter Panel

Included in IMSA Complete Kit.

Quarter Panels add 7.5" of width beyond stock quarters.


Standard IMSA quarter panel DOES NOT have the fuel filler opening pictured above. See options below.

Fuel Door and Recess Options:

  1. Identical to our standard passenger-side IMSA quarter panel, except for a fuel door and recess that mimic the Datsun factory location and door. Reuse your stock hinge, and fill between stock recess and fiberglass with foam and body filler for a smooth look.
  2. Fuel filler pocket and fuel door. Pre-bonded into the quarter panel. Replicates the stock fuel filler pocket, with a fiberglass fuel door that has a compound curve to match the super-wide Z-IMSA quarter panel. Fiberglass fuel door is intended to bond to your existing hinge after you remove the metal door from it.
  3. LeMans fuel filler pocket. Pre-bonded into the quarter panel. Accommodates LeMans-style aluminum flip-cap like on Cobras.

ZTrix IMSA fiberglass fender with fuel door option-1ZTrix IMSA fiberglass fender with fuel door option-2ZTrix IMSA fiberglass fender with fuel door option-3ZTrix IMSA fiberglass fender with fuel door option-4

* Each Side (referenced to left-hand drive models. LHD):

Many ZTrix components will work with this fender kit, including hoods, hood vents, fender vents, cowl panels, fiberglass doors, hatches, and taillight panels. And you can add any of our dashboards. All of these smaller parts can ship in the same crate as the fender kit, for no extra shipping cost

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