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Velo Rossa Driving Lights

These driving lights are made to fit the Eagle, Alpha, McBurnie, Blue Ray Rhino, and Stable Autoworks 250 GTO replicas, as well as the Velo Rossa Spyder.


CAUTION: GLASS LENSES ARE FRAGILE! These driving lights are made to fit the Eagle, Alpha, McBurnie, Blue Ray Rhino, and Stable Autoworks 250 GTO replicas, as well as the Velo Rossa Spyder. They aid tremendously in night visibility, which can be very poor with the low-intensity headlights installed in most of the Datsun donor cars; a good reason for replacing them with new, inexpensive halogen headlight bulbs!

These cars were designed around a KC-brand driving light that is no longer in production. The KC lights were very close to the Italian lights installed on the original GTOs, but which were very expensive. Today they are even more so, if you can find them at all.

The Velo Rossa lights combine an interior shape that matches a quality rectangular lens and reflector, with an ovalized outer shape that matches the original openings in the nose of these cars. These pleasing outer shape also fits nicely with the other openings in the nose, and incorporates an eyebrow over the top of the light, just like the original. The halogen bulb, chrome reflector, and low distortion lens combine to make a very bright and effective pencil beam driving light.

These lights come with flat lenses that make them a driving light. Wide-dispersion fog light lenses can also be fitted.

To mount these lights, a small slit must be made in the light pocket in the fiberglass front end to accommodated the wires and bulb base. Two holes need to be drilled to match the screw holes in the bezel. Screws, nuts, and lock washers are supplied.

An extra length of ground wire is supplied, as are two ring tongue terminals. These can be grounded to any nearby chassis component. A switch, mounting screws, fuse and fuse holder, and a length of wire are also supplied to wire the lights. They can be wired directly to the high beam headlights, as well. This avoids use of the switch and running the extra length of wire to the dash.

There are no provisions for adjustment of the angle of the beam of the lights. This must be done by shimming the reflector and bezel. On most of the GTO replicas, the pocket bases are parallel with each other, so only vertical adjustment is necessary, depending on ride height and rake of the car.

The bezel is cast aluminum that is sanded and polished. The polished surface is raw aluminum and will require polishing from time-to-time. A good quality metal polish like Mother’s, Flitz, or Semi-chrome can be purchased at your local auto-parts store. Once they are polished to a high luster, they can be clear coated or clear powder-coated. This will dull the finish a small amount, but will eliminate the necessity for periodic polishing.

A small bead of silicone RTV adhesive or caulk between the bezel and the lens will help seal out water and protect the lens from cracking or chipping due to over tightening of the mounting screws. Likewise, a little silicone between the reflector and the lens, and the reflector and the fiberglass will help seal out water and protect from vibration. Please pay attention to the orientation of the reflector (drain holes down) when assembling and mounting the lights.

Please exercise good headlight etiquette (headiquette?): Don’t wire the driving lights so they are on all the time!


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