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Fiberglass Z Door Installation Guidance


Thanks for your interest in, or your purchase of these Z fiberglass doors. These doors were designed to reduce weight compared to the stock doors. They are available in two configurations: 1) with a full inner fiberglass panel having integral arm rests, and 2) with a perimeter frame designed to allow the door to be left hollow (for example, to clear roll cage side bars, see photo at end), or to allow for attachment of a stock-style interior trim panel.



These Z doors are designed to fit on 1970-1978 Datsun Z. There is no hardware included with the doors. They are designed to be attached either semi- permanently in racing applications where the driver would slide in and out through the window, or to be attached to the stock hinges so they can be opened.

For attaching the doors to hinges, you'll have drill holes for hinge bolts in the locations indicated by scribe marks in the gel coat in the front door jamb area. You'll then have to cut out holes in the inner panel (if you get the doors with the full inner panel), and reach through into the inside of the door jamb area to insert metric-thread bolts (you can re-use the stock bolts) through the fiberglass into the stock hinges.

You'll also want to use large, thick "fender washers" to spread out the load from the hinge bolts. Alternatively, you can make an aluminum plate with matching holes to go on the inside, for even better load distribution.

The stock Z hinges are notorious for binding due to rust and/or lack of lubrication. Make sure you lube them well, as pushing the door closed on a rusty hinge can put a tremendous strain on the fiberglass in the hinge area.

The top of the doors do not have a "lip" where the stock chrome weather strip would attach. This makes the window opening a little larger, which is helpful for the "slide-through" scenario. It also makes for one less piece that can inadvertently pop off in an impact.

Roll-up windows can be fitted to these doors with some modification to accept the window frame.

Door latching can be done with a simple slide-bolt, a spring-loaded slide-bolt, or by fitting the stock door latch mechanism.

passenger side fiberglass door

Photo courtesy of Matt Benson, Zephyr Cove NV

Other Notes

If you have any other questions about mounting your Z fiberglass doors, feel free to give us a buzz!

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