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Door shells with perimeter frame

Very light, full racing door. You can: 1) leave it open to clear the sidebars of your roll cage; 2) use the factory inner door panel (aka "card"), or; 3) use our fiberglass inner panel.

Datsun Z S20 fiberglass Door shells with perimeter frame 1Datsun Z S20 fiberglass Door shells with perimeter frame 2Datsun Z S20 fiberglass Door shells with perimeter frame 3Datsun Z S20 fiberglass Door shells with perimeter frame 4

This door uses the stock hinges/bolts, and can use stock latch. But there's no pocket in the door skin for the outer handle... which we can add-in for a small extra charge.

You can use the stock window frame and regulator, with either stock glass or Lexan windows, but some bracket fabrication will be required.

If you don't want to run windows, you can glue our door cap ($49 each SEE OPTIONS BELOW) over the window slot on the top of the door. 

When ordering your doors, please be aware that not all Z doors were created equal! There were apparently five different door shells in the coupes between 1970 and 1978. But for our purpose, the 240Z doors are different from the 280Z doors.

Occasionally, there is confusion about how cars are titled, versus the actual year of production, versus the "model year."

One simple way to avoid this confusion when ordering our doors is to look at the bottom, rear of your door jamb. If there's a "bump," or protrusion toward the door, we consider that to be a 240Z door.

For the 240Z doors, we use a mold insert to create clearance for this bump.

Both of these door jambs are on 240Z cars:
Fiberglass door  Stock Door

These doors were designed to reduce weight compared to the stock doors. They are available in two configurations: 1) with a full inner fiberglass panel having integral arm rests, and 2) with a perimeter frame designed to allow the door to be left hollow.


* Each Side (referenced to left-hand drive models. LHD):


* Model:

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