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Mr. Yutaka Katayama's legacy

As great a car as the Datsun Z was and is, a big part of Mr. K's legacy is the growth in the Japanese import performance tuning industry that the Z inspired.

From the Chevy re-engined Scarab conversions to the Eagle/Alpha GTO rebody kits; the four decades after the arrival of the first Z in the USA saw hundreds of small manufacturers spring up to supply mechanical and design upgrades to Z enthusiasts. Many of those shops expanded to cover other Datsun models, and even vehicles from other import manufacturers.

Nearly forty years after the last S30 Z was built, Greg Ira won an SCCA national championship in one and continues to set track records, utilizing performance mods and upgrades inspired by the Z itself.

Many other Z racers and driving enthusiasts across the country and around the world still seek out the same improvements, as well as innovating new ones.

Cost of producing fiberglass auto body parts

A recent comment about the "high cost" of some of my fiberglass fenders prompts me to explain a little about the cost of producing fiberglass auto body parts.

The cost of any product you buy--from basic groceries to your high-tech iPhone--includes the manufacturer's cost to develop, make, and deliver it; plus some amount of markup that makes it worthwhile for the manufacturer to stay in business. After all, isn't making money the objective of being "in business?"

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