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Contacting Builders

I am very careful to safeguard my customer’s contact info because of bad experience. I have found that if I’m too liberal with that information, they get deluged with annoyance requests for information from people who are not really serious about purchasing anything. That is one reason I ask you to help me gauge how serious you are about purchasing.

If you have specific questions about a given kit and you have not found the answers here or in the installation manual, tell me what information that you need and I will be happy to check my archives. If you have seen a customer's car in one of my galleries and have specific questions, I may have archived information on it. As a last resort I will forward the questions to the owner.

If you are ready to purchase, i.e., you have the money and are ready to write the check, and you would like to see a car before you place your order, I will try to accommodate. I will check to see if I have a customer in your area and get their permission to put you in touch with them.

I not trying to be deceptive or stubborn, but I am a BIG believer in courtesy AND privacy. My customers have shown great trust in me when they purchased their kits and/or parts. I very much value--and don’t want to violate--that trust. I’m sure you will appreciate this policy when/if you become a customer, because I will afford you the same courtesy.

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