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Dealer Programs and Sponsorships

If you build and sell cars for a living, or even as a serious hobby, I am happy to talk to you about building one of mine. Keep in mind that the idea behind a dealer program is for the transaction to be profitable for both of us. Therefore, I want to be able to sell more kits with less time involved.

If you are a hobbyiest and want to save some money, I can discuss with you "manufacturer's representative" status, through which you will enjoy significant tax benefits, and commissions for showing your car to other prospective purchasers.

However, if you only want one kit you may want to consider getting together with another prospective customer in your area and ordering both kits together. The savings in crating and shipping can be substantial! See Ganging Customer Shipments, below, for more information.

These caveats and recommendations also apply to sponsorships. My involvement in sponsorships has been very limited in the past. At the present time, with all the turmoil of the past year, the cash flow of the business does not permit me to be too cavalier with the revenue. Therefore, I would be glad to review sponsorship proposal packages from serious racers or builders. However, in order to justify it I need information to be able to project pretty concrete sales numbers that will result.

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