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Demo cars, Shop visits

When I sold the business in 2002, I sold separately my shop building because I didn't think I would need it any longer. Now that I have the business back I am operating out of my vendors' facilities temporarily while I put together a new facility.

So, I don't have a fancy showroom or fabrication shop where I can give you a dog and pony show. Nor do I have any complete cars on hand in which I can take you for a test drive. The positive side of both is that my overhead is now lower and I can continue to offer the same low prices I've had for the last ten years!

However, if you are serious about purchasing a kit (i.e., you have the money and are willing to spend it, etc.) and need to see one to help you make that decision, I can make arrangements to meet with you and help you with those assessments. PLEASE, contact me well before you are driving into the Phoenix city limits. I am EXTREMELY busy, and I travel a lot on business.

So, if you contact me well in advance of your visit I will be more likely to be able to meet with you. I don't mind if you wait until the last minute as long as you understand when I tell you I already have 14 hours of work scheduled that day! And if your plans change after I have already altered mine to meet with you, please do me the courtesy of letting me know as soon as possible. The only thing worse than having someone "drop in" without prior notice, or rearranging my already impossible schedule for someone who doesn't show up, is a noshow who doesn't even bother to let me know s/he is not coming!.

There is a local (Phoenix) builder who has his car for sale and who has shown it to prospective purchasers in the past. There are also many builders across the country who don't mind sharing their time with serious prospective purchasers. Please see the next section about that.

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