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280ZX Turbo hood

Fits all 79-83 S130 cars), 27 pounds vs 40 pounds for stock hood



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The Alphabet Dash

Joe Alphabet patterned it after some old Italian car, I think. It looks pretty good, especially with a wood or brushed-aluminum insert. This dash is the one in Steve Graber's Velo Rossa. Steve re-used the Datsun gauges, but put new faces on them.

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"Origin" Dash

The "Origin" dash is a unique design for the first-generation ("S-30") Datsun Z car. One-piece fiberglass construction is much more resistant to UV and heat than crack-prone factory plastic or after-market dash repair "caps."

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Headlight Scoop

One Headlight Scoop (aka "buckets," "sugar scoops," "headlight doors," "headlight extensions", "headlight nacelle")

* Each Side (referenced to left-hand drive models. LHD):

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Z Lid

Removable lid like a C3 corvette for your Z.


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Fender Braces

These fender braces are used at the rear of the fenders (just in front of the doors) to help stabilize the shape and position of this area.

* Each Side (referenced to left-hand drive models. LHD):

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Door shells with perimeter frame

Our lightest full racing door

* Each Side (referenced to left-hand drive models. LHD):


* Model:

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