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Convertible Tops

The Velo Rossa was designed to be roadster, that is with no top. However, I and others have fitted tops to Velo Rossas. "One of these days" I hope to have time to design a really nice top for the VR. In the meantime, I am offering a removeable hardtop shell that you can finish yourself with seals, latches, and rear window. I'm selling the shells for my cost as a service to the buyers who need them.

There have been VR customers who have adapted TR7 tops, MGB tops and some others. However, it's not as straightforward as it might seem. Not only does the header bow have to be reconfigured to meet the sweeping curve of the top of the Z windshield, the opening around the window of the Z has to be different.

I can help out with other options if you really need a top and that is an obstacle to building a kit. Contact me for the latest information.

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