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What you need to complete a Velo Rossa

The Velo Rossa kit comes with all the fiberglass required to completely reskin the car. It includes the hardware necessary to mount and hinge the front bonnet. I designed the Velo Rossa to take advantage of as many hardware items off your donor car as possible. Mechanically, you will reuse most of the car, including the headlight buckets, door handles, the entire drivetrain (unless you are doing a swap), all the interior pieces, etc.

You can buy carpet kits and seat cover kits, but I find it almost as cost effective to have these items redone by a local upholstery shop. The added bonus is you can get them done just the way you like them.

The fiberglass is designed to accept generic hardware in the areas where something other than from the donor is required. Examples include the trunk hinges: I like Mazda RX-7 hatch hinges but there are a variety of others that will work, since the holes are not predrilled in the fiberglass. All these items can be obtained from the junkyard, the autoparts store, or the hardware store. Suggestions and options for all these items are listed in the installation manual.

Of course, there are many aftermarket and performance parts available for the stock Z that will work just fine on a VR or any of our other kits. These include suspension, brakes, engine parts, seats, etc. Links to other suppliers are listed in the installation manual.

The only two items of hardware that you need to get from me (if you want them) are the headlight covers and the driving lights. I make both of these specifically to fit the Velo Rossa, and it would be difficult to adapt parts from other cars to this application. See the Price List to order.

Headlight cover trim rings are one of the items I eliminated from the kit for cost reasons. I can still get them made but they are about $600/pair. I can also get front grills made but they are about $1500 each.

Beyond those, you can save yourself a lot of money and enjoy the benefits of customizing your car if you source hardware items yourself.

Of course, if you don't want to source the parts yourself, I can supply anything referenced in the installation manual at the prices listed there. If you want a quote on additional parts, please supply me with exactly which parts you'd like and the selections within those (i.e., Mazda hinges vs. Ford, etc.).

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