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Wheels and Tires

The original sizes that I used to sell for the Velo Rossa were 15x8 in the front and 15x10 in the back, both with 3-7/16 backspace (from the hub seating surface of the wheel to the inner lip), 4x4.5 bolt pattern.I also used to sell a wire wheel package that was 8” wide front and rear, with the rear backspacing adjusted to about 2 inches to push the wheel out and fill out the wheel well. These dimensions are pretty typical for rear-wheel-drive applications, unlike the more modern FWD (front-wheel-drive) backspacings of 4 inches and larger.

However, RWD wheels--particularly in the four-bolt patterns--are scarce these days. Wheel manufacturers have abandoned the niche markets like the Z and are focusing on the modern compact FWD cars. The 15x10 wheels are pretty much not made any more, except for custom-built wheels…very expensive. Ditto the wires. The previous owners of VR depleted my inventory of wires and I can no longer get the parts to assemble the wire wheels.

What I’ve been recommending lately is hub extenders. For $149/pair, I sell some that bolt onto your car and allow you to use any modern front wheel drive, four-bolt wheel. They are a lot less expensive than custom wheels. In fact, even considering the cost of the hub extenders, the total cost is a lot less. Also, you are no longer restricted to 15” diameter, and the number of wheel styles to choose from is virtually unlimited.

The fronts are typically an inch thick, and the rears are three inches. Those numbers allow for 8” front wheel drive wheels at both ends of the car. If you are doing a V8 swap or some other high horsepower application and need wider rear wheels, I can reduce the thickness of the rear hub extender to accommodate. I just need to know the width and backspace (not offset) of the wheel you intend to use. Backspace is the distance from the hub-seating surface of the wheel to the inner lip of the wheel.

See photo of hub extenders, click here>

I have heard of “wheel spacers” sold for a little less money. However, I have never actually seen them and don’t know much about them. I’ve had good success with my hub extenders, though, and would strongly recommend them.

Yes, you may be able to custom order wire wheels and maybe with real knock-offs, too. Trust me (I've put a lot of research into this and will be happy to buy you lunch if you prove me wrong), they are a) VERY expensive, and b) they are a pain in the posterior.

Prices run $300/wheel and up, depending on brand. The knock-offs are heavy, complicated, add one more interface for eccentricity to show up (which rears its ugly head as an "imbalance" you can't fix by balancing), and you have to whang the heck out of the knock offs to get them loose, with associated risk to the rim and the bodywork around it.

Trust me (I say for the second and final time) you will be much better off in price, simplicity, and weight with hub extenders and inexpensive wire (or whatever) wheels with a Honda bolt pattern that you can buy anywhere.

I strongly recommend that you NOT buy tires in advance. Once your body work is in place and the suspension is finalized, take the car, wheels, and hub extenders to a reputable tire shop that is willing to work with you. Have them mount everything up, check for rubbing, etc. That way if something doesn't work they can fix it. If you bought the wrong size tire in advance and it takes you a year to put your car together after which you discover they won't fit, whoever you bought them from is not going to take them back or trade them in.

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