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Delivery to Shows or other gatherings

I have attended the Knott's Berry Farm kit car show at the end of April every year for the last several. I have frequently brought kits with me for customers who have purchased them in advance, and am willing to do this at minimal cost (whatever extra it costs me to upgrade to the next size truck, extra gas, etc.).

However, if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to let me know well before the show. It takes time to fabricate a kit, and it takes time to make arrangements to transport it, to load it and secure it properly, etc.

Please make sure you bring tie-downs, blankets, and an appropriate vehicle (virtually any pickup will do).

I rarely attend other shows (like Carlisle) because of the distance and expense involved. There just isn't enough money in this business for me to justify it. However, under special circumstances I may consider such a trip. If I need to go that way anyway, if I can arrange to deliver a kit or two along the way, or if you and a friend want to take delivery of two kits at one time, I'll work with you.

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