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International Shipping

I have not yet shipped any kits outside the continental United States. However, I have several times done quotes for shipping outside the U.S. and I would be happy to do so for you if need be. Please realize, though, that such quotes are very time consuming and very much subject to fluctuation depending upon fuel costs, and other factors. So, for the benefit of both of us, make sure you are ready to purchase and have a definite idea of when you want to receive shipment before you ask me to calculate a shipping quote.

Also, there is no way for me to know what kind of customs requirements and import taxes will need to be fulfilled at the country of origin. Since presumably that is where you live, it would help me out tremendously if you could investigate those requirements on your end and before I do a shipping quote.

In the past, I have quoted motor freight to a U.S. port, and ocean freight from the U.S. to the destination country. Motor freight from the destination port to the final destination is possible, but adds considerably to the cost. If it is at all possible for you to pick up your kit at the port, I would recommend that.

Air freight is also a possibility for international shipments, but usually at least doubles the cost of shipping. For individual parts or even fender kits this is not too bad. However, because of the size of complete body kits, air freight can be prohibitive.

I have spoken with several parties about becoming dealers in Australia, Asia, and Europe. So far none have been serious enough to proceed, but I welcome such inquiries. Shipping to a dealer in quantity is much less expensive, since I can load up a whole container full of kits for the same price as shipping two or three.

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