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Mix and Match Parts from Various Kits

You can mix and match parts from the various kits I offer at no extra cost. For example, if you like the width of the 280YZ rear flares but want only a slight increase in width at the front, you can use the Subtle Z front fenders. The Subtle hood will work with any of the kits (except the complete rebody kits), but is not required. This goes for the Subtle rear spoiler, as well.

I have also sold VR and Daytona ZX rear tubs to customers who wanted to retain the stock front end and vice versa. This is not as straight-forward, as the VR and Daytona parts are intended to work with the extra width provided by the door skins. However, this can be overcome with a little extra effort.

Generally, however, the fender kits are designed to work with the appropriate air dam. You can mix and match the air dams, or even use bumper caps like those from Motorsport. Dan Juday andRon Best did that with great success. Just realize that you are going to have to do a little fiberglass work in order to make the pieces match up.

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