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When I sold the business in 2002, I cancelled my credit card processing account. Because of the paperwork required and the transaction costs that have to be passed along to the customer, I have not yet decided to reinstate that capability. Therefore, I currently accept only payment by mail (or in person should you desire to pick your parts up locally). Personal checks are fine, as are company checks and money orders. I can also arrange for wire transfer.

If you are reluctant to mail money to a stranger, I completely understand. You are welcome to post an inquiry to the Kitcar section at Many of the folks there have ordered parts from me and will give me a good reference.

I have been in business more than a decade. You can't be in business that long without having at least two or three people mad no matter what you do to try to make things right. However, the vast majority of my customers have been pleased with my products and my service, and I think you will be, too!

I am also willing and able to accept payment via Paypal (, as long as you are willing to bear the small additional cost of such transactions. PayPal is a service that utilizes email addresses to designate accounts.

Once you go through the simple sign-up procedure (, you can use your credit card to initiate a PayPal payment to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. At that point your transaction proceeds as simply as any other online credit card transaction. I am a verified member in good standing with PayPal.

If you have questions about PayPal or need assistance, please let me know via the email address below.

I can ship parts orders "Cash on Delivery," as long as I can receive a deposit up front that is large enough to cover the cost of crating and shipping both ways should you change your mind when the delivery truck is sitting in your driveway. Bear in mind that most shippers charge a small additional amount ($50 or so) for COD fees.

Lay-a-way plans are acceptable as well. With at least 25% up front, I can either fabricate your parts and hold them for you, or hold the funds until you are ready to take delivery and pay off your order.

My address information is at the bottom of the FAQs.

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