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Picking up your kit in Phoenix

You are welcome to pick up your kit or parts in Phoenix and save substantially on crating and shipping. For a full kit (like the VR) you will need at least a pick up truck. Bring moving blankets or old towels for padding, and at least four motorcycle-type tiedown straps (ratcheting or not).

I will help you load the kit properly and securely to minimize risk of damage...but it will cost you lunch! Also, please realize that while I do the best I can based on years of experience, there is still risk of damage from transporting an uncrated kit in this manner. Drive carefully, stop frequently to check the security of the load (give yourself a break while you are at it), and set reasonable goals for travel time.

Whatever you do, please be as prepared as possible. I've had customers show up with no tie down straps and ask to borrow mine (want to bet on whether I got them back?), and even had people show up in vehicles that needed repair before they could leave!

Also, if you are planning on "Cash and Carry," PLEASE make arrangements well in advance. The majority of the parts I sell are made to order, when you order. That saves you the overhead associated with keeping two of everything in inventory, rent for the space required to keep them in stock, etc. I will be very happy to have everything ready for you to pick up, if you will do me the courtesy of ordering in advance and telling me EXACTLY what you want so it will meet your expectations. My telepathy is getting a little rusty in my old age!

Just like with orders that I ship, a deposit is required before I can build anything for you so that I don't have to be "out of pocket" to my vendors, or stuck with something about which you changed your mind on a whim. Yes, I can resell it. If you don't mind waiting until I do so, I don't mind refunding your money (minus a very reasonable restock fee) if your plans change.

For cash and carry (with emphasis on the "cash"), please make sure you arrive with sufficient funds in your pocket. It is much better if you go to the bank on the way to see me rather than having me escort you there. It will also save you from having to buy me lunch for my trouble:)

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