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Catalogs, books, and posters are mailed via US Postal Service at "printed matter" rates, unless higher levels of service are indicated on the price list and/or ordering info. Priority mail, second day, and next day service are available at extra cost. I'm sorry that I cannot do COD on small items unless you have a UPS or Fed Ex account and I can ship it to you on your account.

Hardware items can usually either be shipped via USPS, UPS, or FedEx Ground. Customers must pay for shipping and any expedited service required. Charges for packaging may apply for certain bulky or hard to package items.

Almost all fiberglass parts must be shipped motor freight due to size restrictions with UPS, FedEx Ground, etc.

For least expensive shipping, you need a business location with loading dock to receive your order. On shipments greater than 100 pounds actual weight you will be charged extra if you do not have a loading dock or a forklift; because the carrier will have to use a liftgate truck. The carriers also charge extra for inside delivery (that is, they have to bring it inside building) or if it isdelivered to a residence.

If you live outside a major metropolitan area, you may also see "beyond charges." These can be shockingly high, and the farther from the truck terminal you are the higher the charge.

If you live in a rural area, or if you do not have an appropriately configured business receiving address, it may be better to instruct the carrier to "hold at terminal". You can pick it up from there in a pickup truck. If it's a large crate (like for a complete Velo Rossa body kit), the terminal may allow you to (and may even assist you) unpack the crate and load the parts piece-at-a-time. A six-pack of your favorite beverage will go a long ways in getting assistance!

Prepaying your shipping will also help you avoid "freight collect charges." In order for me to include shipping in your total, I will need your:

  • receiving address,
  • Zip Code,
  • whether it is a residential address,
  • contact phone number (someone must be reachable at this number in case the carrier can't find you),
  • whether you have a loading dock or forklift,
  • and, if not, whether you need the shipment "held at terminal."

I can ship your order "cash on delivery" (COD), if you have not yet paid the remaining balance due. However, carrier COD charge of $100 (minimum and may be more) will be applied to your total due.

Regardless of how your order is shipped and or the shipping and COD are paid, someone must be at your shipping address to sign for the shipment, take delivery, and pay freight or COD fees. If no one is there and the driver has to make a second trip, the carrier will charge you more. I know this may be inconvenient, but I do not have any control over it. That's the way the motorfreight world works, unfortunately.

Please remember that shipping quotes take a lot of time to put together and if you aren't ready to actually purchase the parts shipping prices will have changed by the time you are ready. I can give you a rough idea without doing a quote, but this estimate is subject to change based on fuel costs, weather, and other costs beyond the control of the carrier.

You are welcome to arrange your own shipping if you have access to an inexpensive service, or your company has a significant inbound freight discount. However, please do so as early in the ordering process as possible (I will provide you with dimensions and pickup address that you will need) so that it leaves the dock quickly after it's crated. Once it's in the box, it's a pain in the posterior to move out of the way every couple of hours! The crating shop charges storage on any crates left on the dock more than two days after they are ready to ship.

I make every effort to keep shipping cost to a minimum. However, fiberglass items are bulky compared to typical motor freight. As such, the shipping companies charge for what they call"dimensional weight." That is, when the volume of your crate or large box exceeds what they would normally expect of such an item, they charge based on the volume that a occupies rather than actual weight. It's only fair since light items displace heavier, more conventional, and more profitable freight.

To combat this problem, I have suffered many hours of brain damage to discover the best ways to crate, protect, and nest parts so that they occupy the smallest possible volume.

Be prepared to receive your shipment:

"Tracking" in the freight world is not nearly as precise as with FedEx, Amazon, etc. But you should be notified at least a couple of times while your shipment is in transit, and when it arrives at the local terminal.

The freight carrier should call to confirm someone is available to receive your shipment a day or two after it arrives at the local terminal, especially if you are receiving your shipment at a residence. Generally, they can give you a half-day window. Alternatively, you can sometimes make arrangements to pick it up at the terminal.

Fender kits are usually shipped in custom cartons about 77"x27"x27". They are usually less than 100 pounds and can be offloaded without a forklift.

Complete body kits will be crated, and the crates are large; usually 6'x3'x7' high. Weight is usually 300 pounds or more. So it's best to receive those at a commercial location where you have a loading dock or forklift. It is possible to offload from a liftgate truck, and the drivers usually have a pallet jack. But that requires a smooth, hard surface. A second set of hands is sometimes helpful.

I have rarely had anything damaged in shipping. Having said that, however, it is still a remote possibility. When you receive your kit or parts, please look over the carton or crate immediately; preferably before you sign for it. If there is obvious damage to the packaging PLEASE point it out to the driver, photograph it, and note it on the waybill. And it shouldn't take too long to unpack the parts and look them over.

Scuffs and mold marks in the gelcoat are normal, and your painter can easily deal with those. Ditto any mold marks, which may include cracks in the molds that have transferred to the gelcoat, but don't go through the fiberglass.

However, you want to look over the edges and corners especially. If you don't feel completely comfortable accepting shipment with potential damage, just refuse it and call me.

Damage claims usually have to be initiated from the shipper's end. However, if you don't exercise your responsibility to catch it promptly on your end and let me know, you could compromise my ability to help you.

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