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Shipping, Refund, Restock, Exchange Policy

Most of our parts are laid up in advance and left in the molds, but finished-when-ordered. This allows us to protect the molds when they are stored, and to avoid the cost of warehousing a large inventory of parts.

We make every effort to ship good quality, properly packaged parts, at reasonable shipping rates. In order to keep those rates as low as possible for all customers, all quoted crating and shipping costs must be paid in advance of shipping. 

Costs and transit times may vary slightly due to factors beyond our control, like weather, traffic conditions, and problems with delivery addresses. But we'll do our best to keep them moving, keep you up-to-date with tracking information, and minimize any unexpected additional costs.

Damage in transit--while rare--must be noted to driver upon receipt. 

If you wish to return your undamaged and unmodified parts, you will have to pay for packaging and return shipping plus a 20% restocking fee. You are permitted to exchange your order for other parts for a 10% exchange fee, and you have to pay for packaging and shipping for your return parts and the exchanged parts.

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Made in the USA for reduced ordering time and less expensive shipping.
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