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Velo Rossa Cheek Panel

The new generation Velo Rossa Cheek Panels bolt on instead of bonding. They cap the unibody where the stock fender bolted on, cleaning up the appearance considerably in this area. They are less prone to cracking and separation from the body than the old style, and while the cost is about double, they also save considerably on installation time. They also require less work to line up with the rest of the body than the original style panels. The new cheeks also help keep the inside of the bonnet a lot cleaner. The "ledge" or forward extension helps keep road grime from being slung up under the bonnet. While it never was a big problem with the old cheek panels, the new ones virtually eliminated any possibility of road debris cracking the bonnet.

These were copied from Steve Graber's car. Steve capped his unibody and fabricated all the installation himself. It looked so nice that I wanted to offer it to all my customers as an upgrade!

For comparison, here's a photo of the "1st Generation" cheek panels. You can see they are about half the size (thus half the cost), but that they leave the upper unibody pinch-weld seams visible. This is Brace Baily's car, and he capped those pinch welds with vinyl push-on trim.Brace Baily velo rossa


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