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VR Hard Top Shell

I currently offer this in 'rough' form. Most customers make modifications and/or paint or cover with vinyl (simulating a convertible top), so I keep the cost down by just building a robust fiberglass part as a starting point. Layup schedule is 3 oz/square foot (dry weight) of non-woven fabric, followed by a layer of 'coremat' for stiffness across the broad area, and finished with a 2 oz layer of fabric on the inside to complete the 'sandwich.' The matrix is our typical marine-grade of resin.

You'll have to source seals and latches appropriate to your application and desire. But I'm happy to discuss options.

Depending on the exact configuration of your rear deck, you may have to modify the ledge on the top to match the deck. Rear window is usually polycarbonate, easily sourced from the big box home improvement store or your neighborhood hardware store. Front latches are typically "draw hasps," from the cabinet hardware section. A variety of seals can be sourced there, as well, or from your local automobile upholstery supply store.


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