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Datsun Competition Hood Vent

Replica of "Datsun Competition Hood Vent" that was available to dealers in 1973 to offer to customers who complained of engine overheating.

Stuart Jamison IMSA wide body flares gnose airdam

Example is of the Stuart Jamison Z-IMSA

Our version includes a hidden longitudinal stiffener not found on the factory-issued, dealer-installed parts. The stiffener positively reinforces the large, flat, and otherwise-unsupported center section, and actually IMPROVES airflow! datsun competition hood vent 2

The Competition Hood Vent was designed to be bolted-on after cutting an opening in your hood and drilling mounting holes. However, it can be bonded on to your hood, or we can add it to any of our fiberglass hoods.

  • 47" overall length
  • 15-3/4" width in the middle
  • 2" high side vent opening
  • 29" vent length

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Made in the USA for reduced ordering time and less expensive shipping.
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