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Hood Vents (NON Turbo S130, 1979-1981 280ZX)

This pair of vents are designed to fit the 280ZX non-turbo hood recesses, or to be used in other applications for the same purpose. They can improve engine bay cooling at idle or in traffic, prevent vapor lock, and reduce thermal stress on wiring harness connectors and other engine components.

280ZX-Hood-Scoops 280ZX-hood-vents

They are supplied in hand-laid, non-woven fiberglass with marine-grade resin for maximum strength; and GRAY sanding primer gelcoat which can be painted to match your car, or painted a contrasting color.

Price is for a pair of vents, left and right, and self-clinching studs for mounting.

They can also be mounted with 3M trim tape, or body panel adhesive; and they can be blended into the hood, as well.

For non-ZX applications, size is approximately 13" by 7"

Cannot ship to buyers outside the United States at this time.


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